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Project Description
This is an application that allows you to install a BlogEngine extension and BEGalleryExtension.dll file into the appropriate directories for BlogEngine.NET and support a file system based photo gallery with meta data.

Project Goals
*To create a drop-in extension for BlogEngine to support photo galleries
*Keep the code simple and use Agile methods to do updates
*No upload functionality, photos will be flat file, metadata will be database (XML or SQL)

Todo List
*Allow for different data providers (MS SQL, XML, or MySQL)
*Setup security settings based on BlogEngine roles
*Allow the setup of a key for a particular album (so non-users of blog can still see content if they enter in proper key)
*Allow the changing of folder icons and other core images
*Extensive ExtensionManager support for the configuration of particular core settings
*Create commenting system
*Setup EXIF ability to allow photo metadata to be extracted from .JPEGs
*Flash slideshow
*Silverlight slideshow
*Setup better import functionality

*Allow other types of media to be displayed (movies, photos and whatever else)

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